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место : кафэ Экслибрис. Москва, Бобров переулок, дом 6, строение 1. В здании библиотеки-читальни им. И. С. Тургенева.
М. "Тургеневская", м. "Чистые пруды"


Art of text & sound


Вечер футуристической поэзии и саунд-арта.
Одновременные выступления художников текста и звука, в сопровождении
интеллигентной видео-проекции.
Всё исключительно вживую.



==sound: Future Dream Transmissions (USA) , PIEZO , sergey kasich , ::vtol::

==texts: Pavel Zhagun, Lev Oborin, Kirill Korchagin, Denis Larionov, Masha Gitin

==visuals: Elvira Zhagun , ::vtol:: , Vj Yuri Elik


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Future Dream Transmissions
- a collaboration of Masha Gitin (text,
voice) and Dok Gregory (live electronics). An
exploration/contemplation/communication of dreams from the future
through present time exercises in text and sound.

Dok Gregory (Doktor23)

Dok has been composing, performing and recording
experimental/electronic music since 1983. His current projects include
Zero Gravity Thinkers (NYC) with Peter Principle/Zemi 17 zgt.me and
Silence Corporation (NYC/SPb, Russia) with Pavel Mikheev/Alexei
Pliousnine/VJ Yuri Elik, and various guests. He has been a member of
seminal NYC based audio visual group Amoeba Technology since 1997,
toured and performed in festivals throughout the United States,
Europe, Russia and South America and had recorded works released in
most of the same. Doks' audio-visual works have been featured in
programs at the Forum Des Images in Paris, Basel Art Fair in
Switzerland, The Kitchen and Lincoln Center in NYC, to name a few. In
2007 he began work on the ISRS system (a shortwave radio synthesizer)
and continues to research, develop and deploy the technology.
Dok has also toured and collaborated extensively as a member of Incidence
Transmission Network, Psychic TV, Akashic Currency Bureau, Trance Pop
Loops and the Ransom Corps.
For these performances, a VTOL* modular
synthesizer system, theremin and analog synthesizer will be used. He
is and has been based in Brooklyn, N.Y. for the past 20 years, and is
co-director of the 23 Windows Arts Collective with Zemi 17.
*Designed and built by Russian musician/DIY synth builder/circuit
bender VTOL (Dmitry Morozov) vtol.tk

Masha Gitin
is a painter, muralist, and works with mixed media . She
has exhibited her work and
collaborations in various venues and galleries around NYC including
the WAH center, and the Brooklyn
museum. She lives in New York City and is a restoration and decorative artist

Some projects include: "Pop Up Pianos 2011"an outdoor installation
with 88 pianos around New York
City, featured in the New York Times, CBS and various media. The
"Third Person Project", a series of
eleven collaborative murals shown in galleries in NYC, and Cologne, Germany.

Recently she began working with found text and phrase samples that
explore a visual wall of pattern and
information connected together through an exercise of selective
association. Excerpts of these collages
when read aloud, take on new aspects of meaning and form.

Work can be seen at www.mashagitin.com


Визуальное сопровождение для русских гастролей Future Dream
Transmissions изготовлено на основе коллажей Маши Гитин VJем Юрием
Эликом, который уже не раз сотрудничал с Доком Грегори, в частности в
проектах Amoeba Technology, Silence Corporation и Zero Gravity
Thinkers. Йоу !



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