Junk Technologies Research

Since 2008, residents of LoveLiveElectronic (LoLieL.tk), and then SA)) are interested in using technologic junk in their music and art.

The interest was first derived from need to use outdated computers to make music, because the new computers costed too much. The laptops available almost for free were usually installed with Windows 98 or rarely XP, so the residents had to explore oldfashioned software to be able to play sound with them.
Here the russian culture of pirate software came out to be handy. Growing up in 90s and 10s in post soviet Russia and Ukraine, the residents were inside the culture of massive pirate software distribution. The countless CDRs with almost any programm you need, could be found in so called radio-markets in any post-soviet town. This culture is still alive, but in the end of 90s and 10s it found it's real blossom.

Later the outdated soft begun to be archived in internet junk-yards, old websites, forums, and then torrents. Years later the discipline of media-archeology arose, and the SA))_R&D realised that the junk-soft is the same trend as oldfashioned synthesizers and other media-technologies.

The main advantage of the junk-soft is that it is usually very specialized. Each programm serves the only one particular purpose. Wich is very like in hardware music instruments world. This makes it much more diverse sound as a result and in contra with modern "all-in-ableton-live" electronic music performance. Another unexpected advantage found in using the junk-soft, is that it is extremly lightweghted. So using cheap and very mobile netbook (like ASUS eeePC), you can setup an interesting and customized music machine with unusual interfaces and generators.

Years of using vintage soft in live performances filtrated it, so only a few programmes are still used by some of the residents. But as the interest in media-archeology grows, we decided to start to collect outdated software again.

At the same time the junk soft of cource should be accompanied by the junk-hard. Some of the SA)) residents are really interested in chiptune technologies (Alex Pleninger), circuit bending (::vtol::) and hacking of everyday electronics (valia fetisov, oleg makarov, sergey kasich, and others).

List of junk-soft used by sergey kasich:

1) CoolEditPRo 2000
2) VST-host 2008
3) SaviHost 2004
4) Maple Midi drvrs 2006
5) GlovePie 2009
6) DRUM 1992
7) AmbiLoop 2008
8) Chaosynth 1999
9) Pixilang 2008
10) Rollosonic 2006
11) cSoundAV_0.0431 2003
12) MONOLOGUE 1992
13) Time_Freezer 2005

reincarnated Yamaha FM computer kasich & pleninger before workshop Yamaha FM computer based on eeePC and multychannel