FingerRing - is a simple, cheap, intuitive and easy way to play with multi-channel sound.

1) Take connector to any sound system
2) Take connector from any sound source
3) Join their grounds
4) Now you can take sound from the source by one fingerR
And put it to the sound system with another
5) Now setup any number of sound systems in any directions
and any number of sound sources
6) Join their gounds with crocodile clips (or whatever)
7) Take any sound source by one hand
Put it to any sound system by another
8) Not loud enough and you have hum and hiss from the electromagnetic enterfierence??
- Yes. It is because your body is used as a conductor and router.
9) Use cheap low power pre-amps (like lm386) between sound source and finger to solve this.
10) With FingerRing you can:
1 - control routing of any sound to any direction
2 - control volume by the pressure of fingers
3 - mix the sounds within your body
Which makes multichannel sound performance very intuitive and expressive.


Though there are a lot of limitations in comparison to computer-based techniques. Main of them are described in the video with the solutions given.


FingerRing party
- is a way to spread and explore FingerRing technique.
1 - make one setup at some place
2 - invite local sound artists and improvisers
3 - have some fun
Make FingerRing party in your town and send us a video ! [at at at at at ] gmail [dot d0t dot] com


FrR Parties around:

[F] 01|12|16 FingerRing Party Cambridge @ Peter Zinovieff studio [Cambridge, UK]

[F] 23|11|16 FingerRing Party Milano @ Brera 2 - Nuove Tecnologie [Milan, It]





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FrR - the MAIN instruction:

Articulation methods in FrR are explained here:

Fflower custom interface & live performance example: