This is the archive page for some historical parts of SA))-community as well as some experimental pages and finished or slow and permanent research.


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[a] LoveLiveElectronic (aka LoLieL) - was the first Russian DiY technologic arts community, based in Theremin Center of Moscow State Conservatory and leading in promotion of experimental electronic music, diy-multimedia and sound-arts in Moscow from 2008 till 2011. In 2011 it was reformed into Here's the archive web-site:

[a] Junk-Technologies Permanent Research: link

[a] Sample of interactive net-art on SA)) : link

[a] Sonification is Over Manifesto (07|05|14 _ in russian) - manifesto, published by the residents of SA)) as part of the 6th festival of experimental sound Podgotovlenniye Sredi 2014. The text draws attention to the sonification in frames of sound-arts and claims that simple sonification is no longer art. Try to read it in Russian or translate : link .