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[m] application for educational course 2022\2023 is now closed

[m] sa))_gallery reopened in moscow central area taganski

[m] SA)) is 11 years young 14|02|22

[m] sa))_gallery in electromuseum is now permanently closed

[m] apply for the new educational season 21-22 at sa))_studio

[m] sa))_gallery opencall is closed

[m] sa)) is 10 years young today 14.02.21

[m] LIKBEZ has to transition to online format due to pandemic

[m] application for 20/21 study course at SA))_studio is open

[m] Open SextaPhone is closed at CUBE gallery moscow

[m] ::vtol:: accepts Innovation award

[m] imi recording of open lecture on sound arts by kasich

[m] Application for 6th Educational Season at SA))_studio is CLOSED

[m] Apply for 6th Educational Season at SA))_studio now

[n] Moscow CyberOrchestra interviewed by intel

[n] documentary on PS-2016 by Anvar Musrepov is published

[n] application for 17/18 study course at SA))_studio is open

[n] SEAMS showcase is open at sa))_gallery till june 30

[n] apply for the SA))_course_2017

[n] SA))_gallery is open again

[n] new sub-courses application started

[n] ZVUKOCHTO opening photos by a.ivanchikova

[n] SA))_students visit Synthman photos by d. ovsyannikov

[n] SA))_studio study course 2015-2016 is started

[n] #save_dommune support after water damage of

[n] alexander senko av release @ Naucleshg label

[n] valia fetisov interviews michael kurtov on code & philosophy

[n] SA))_studio Summer Intensives submission closed

[n] kasich interviewed by Ars-Electronica blog

[n] patrick k.-h. about Maryanne Amacher for

[n] ::vtol:: OIL by HuffingtonPost

[n] kasich's Ziggurat by Vice CreatorsProject

[n] Yuri Didevich interviewed by Rosbalt portal

[n] CM Thomas Grill interviewed by Patrick K.-H.

[n] ::vtol:: interviewed by BBC Click podcast

[n] kasich interviewed by Theory&Practice

[n] piedpaper blog review of the SA))m0st'_10

[n] Michael J. Shumaher interviewed by Patrick K.-H.

[n] novayagazeta on "Behaviors" by Sonia Cillary supported by kasich

[n] Patrick K.-H. interview on Floating Sound Art Gallery for chaskor

[n] ::vtol:: interview for photographer blog

[n] kasich interview for Baltic Broadway magazine

[n] SPB-tv report about NEUROINTEGRUM performance

[n] ::vtol:: Read My Body on Vice CreatorsProject

[n] Hacking the Sound ( SA)) @ Alexandrinka) report by kommersant

[n] report about SA))_Q-O

[n] CTM 2014 photos with some SA)) residents included

[n] Moscow News report about SA))_Q-O

[n] Videos from lectures in frames of RBMA Synth-Lab in Moscow 2013

[n] Oleg Makarov & Patrick K.-H. interviewed on drawn sound

[n] "multimedia programming with pure data" book review by sergey kasich