This is the archive page for some historical parts of SA))-community as well as some experimental pages and finished or slow and permanent research.


[a] SA)) news archive : link

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[a] visual-n-media artists archived page: link - this page was in the main menu of the SA))-site from 2011 till 2019. In fact it became not actual already in 2017, but was still kept on the front page. It was the legacy of LoLiEl comunity, because during the period from 2007 to around 2012 we were doing a lot of concerts with live visuals by different VJs. But later it somehow became obsolete, or banal.. Some of the VJ's just became very commercial, some migrated to other arts, some just stopped.


[a] LoveLiveElectronic (aka LoLieL) - was the first Russian DiY technologic arts community, based in Theremin Center of Moscow State Conservatory and leading in promotion of experimental electronic music, diy-multimedia and sound-arts in Moscow from 2008 till 2011. In 2011 it was reformed into Here's the archive web-site:

[a] Junk-Technologies Permanent Research: link

[a] Sample of interactive net-art on SA)) : link

[a] Sonification is Over Manifesto (07|05|14 _ in russian) - manifesto, published by the residents of SA)) as part of the 6th festival of experimental sound Podgotovlenniye Sredi 2014. The text draws attention to the sonification in frames of sound-arts and claims that simple sonification is no longer art. Try to read it in Russian or translate : link .